Working on a concept for some armor I would like to bring into Chivalry: Medieval Warfare; an online PC game I am really into. There was a crazy storm here in Austin and knocked out our power, so I wasn't able to finish the concept. Thankfully the new versions of Photoshop have back ups Woooo. Will finish the concept in the next couple of days.

Over the last 6 months I have been taking video clips each day just to keep track of my life, travels, and experiences. It is a really great exercise to keep track of everything, plus pushes to try one exceptional thing each day. Will be keeping this up but might be a couple week break until I start recording again.


Had an amazing time spending a couple of days in Bangkok Thailand. Was able to meet up with old friends, meet new friends, see local bands, explore temples, discover gila monsters, watch Thai boxing, dive into the night life, had the best food ever and more. Definitely visit Thailand if you ever get the chance.

Here are some photos from travel partner Xiayou Liu. (She takes way better photos than me)

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Tuesday was a Holiday in the Philippines ,so my friend Xiaoyu convinced me to take a little get away in the middle of the week and spend a night at Coco Beach in Puerto Galara. It was really awesome and whole lot fun, a much needed break from the day to day in the city. My favorite part was staying in huts on the side of a mountain overlooking the water. It was the best balance of comfort and almost feeling like camping. Will post some more art soon when I get into the swing of things.

image_1365593438450476 image_1365593438450496 image_1365593438450533

This one I started off doing a paint over of a generic robot head with wireframe on, you can find the original here.  From there I started practicing with blending between different forms, inspired by one of the CTRL Paint tutorials. After awhile I felt like I got a hang of it and spent a little more time on this one.

Time Spent 2 hours


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