Level Creation

Jeff joins me as we venture through the game we made in 48 hours Sleep Walker


Over the weekend a group of friendly developers and I participated in the global game jam and were lucky enough to find great hosts here at the IGDA Manila. We made a game called sleep walker.. you should play it… just click this lovely screenshot to be magically transported.

play here

This game is very different from what you should make for a game jam. Normally you should make one good mechanic get it up and running, make sure its fun and build off of that. With Sleep Walker it was an experiment with creating a mood and story that the player can unravel and have a meaningful experience. This something I haven’t been able to touch on too much with my previous games so I really wanted to dive in and try something new. For this game I was able to do concepts, story boards, level building, scripting, modeling, and sound / music. Our goal was to shoot for an artistic experience that was playable. By the end of it we were able to win Most Avant-garde at the Manila Game Jam and some good praise.

I have been wanting to make a game like this for some time now, so glad to get it out and shoot for even better experiences next time.

By the way you can check out the quick storyboards that make up this game.

Whole Story Board

Dustorce  is incredible game. The platforming is solid, the music is fantastic, and the art is stunning. As soon as I say the trailer on Steam, I had to get this game. Dustforce involves going through a stand platform 2D level game, running, wall climbing, and striking your way to get the end goal. What makes the game so fun is the focus of speed and gliding across the environment. You have to get from point A to point B, cleaning up all the dust painted on the ground without dropping your combo or getting hit by a passive enemy. The amount of retrying a leveling to get the perfect run you need, can get frustrating but the pay off is worth it. Go Get Dustforce, its on Steam $10 and worth it!

With a recent update they added a level editor to the game. In just an hour of monkeying around I was about to make this little level. So please go download it and hopefully I can find some more time to make some awesome Dustforce levels. Download level here

Click to Download My Level!

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