Day of the Dead

Part 4 of my mini series of making my small game prototype for a third person rpg system, joined with a ridiculous shoe horned story that holds it together like a wet newspaper… Check it out !


Hey everybody, which is the lucky few reading this. But I see you out there and this wink goes out to you 😉  I would like to announce a new project that I have been working on for the last month. The title is “Day of the Dead” , it is a game designed for desktop and mobile devices. Taking place in Mexico, you play as an overseeing necromancer whose goal is to infect the land from coast  to coast. A female necromancer will teach you the ways and guide you through the game.

If you want to track the development more, you can see updated screenshot here on a more daily basis . -> CLICK ME 

You can also track this project and download on early build at the “1 year game challenge” setup by the IGDA Manila HERE 

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