The Warm Embrace of Space, Fantastic Fest Arcade

A couple weeks ago, my friends Dan Dunham, Brenton Sewell and I came together to create a game for the Fantastic Fest Arcade. This is a local Austin event that showcases independent or weird games / movies. We were inspired by the Space “Mac” of the original Stark Trek, Captain Kirk. Our big idea was that your avatar was rapidly aging and needed to find a mate to produce an offspring and keep the game going. What we ended up making is a Space Exploration / Dating sim, where you can blow up voxel based asteroids to find gems. You can then use these gems to “Woo” randomly generated alien woman to “win” and produce a weird mash up baby.

Here is a logo treatment I made for the game, you can click on it to play it for yourself.

MoviePosterStyling copy

Here is a dazzling screenshot of The Warm Embrace of Space



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