LudumDare 27- Mr.President

Over the weekend Brenton Sewell and I worked together to create a game for Ludum Dare 27. The theme was 10 seconds so we focused on creating a fast repeatable mechanic. Hence catching a bullet for the president!

Have you ever wanted to be Kevin Costner in the movie “The Body Guard”!

Well boy I got the game for you! It’s called Mr.President!

Play as a secret service agent and take a bullet for Mr.President!

Move and jump to catch the bullet it in mid year.

Yes!Yes!Yes! It is possible to save the president.

4 – Whole levels of supreme value!


WASD – to Move
Space Bar – to Dive

Made By Richard Matey & Brenton Sewell

Click to play! 


We also have a Steam Greenlight page if you want to see more Mr.President!


LudumDare Link!

  1. Trogdorbad said:

    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    Damn. upload maybe?

    • Richard Matey said:

      Thanks for giving me a heads up. Just hosted on my web server, this never happened before hahah. Can I ask how you found my site not sure where the spike is from.

  2. I clicked the link and it didn’t work, how else can I play the game since it seems the greenlight thing has been compleatly abandoned?

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