Phoenix Days / Daily Brain Storms

Returning from the Philippines, I have been staying in Phoenix Arizona for a week. It’s been great to catch up with old friends and enjoying local spots. Looking forward to getting into a regular schedule soon and keep up with doing daily doodles plus more. In the meantime I have started a new routine of doing daily brainstorms for 15 mins a day, aiming to come up with new ideas each day. Some will be real projects, some will go into archives, others a waste bin but I think it will be fun way to evolve my idea process. This was inspired by reading Today Matters by John C Maxwell. Good read so far and look forward to finishing it soon.

While here I have been able to catch up with some other brilliant indie game developers who I have grown and been inspired by. Play tested their latest games and very excited to see what they come up with next. Be sure to check out their games and send some kudos their way.

Steve Swink – Scale – Greatest game design teacher around, its always inspiring to talk to and see what Steve comes up with. Scale introduces a whole new mechanic to games, where the players can manipulate the size of any object in the world. It takes big ol balls to run with a concept like this.

Erin Robinson – Gravity Ghost – Erin recently made some tweaks to the art of her game Gravity Ghost and I can easily see being in trance of this orbital based plat-former.  A game that will take time and skill to master with low penalties for failure, will let tons of people get into Erin’s world and enjoy their time with this game.

Aldo Jeffrey – Unannounced Project – Going to college with Aldo and staying in touch with him through the years, I can definitely say Aldo is one of the hardest working people in the arts industry. No matter which project he goes after he aims above and beyond expectations. From what I have seen so far of his latest project, he is a very epic game that I am sure will be great / unique when it comes out.

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