Daily Doodle: Chinese Court Yard

I stumbled upon some really fun ways to make shaders with Matcaps inside of Unity game engine. So I am going to model and render out a Chinese courtyard for a mobile demo. Attached below are just some early prototypes of how the courtyard will be setup and rendered.

Doodle: Time Spent 1 Hour


Unity Screenshots *Mobile Android Version

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  1. zheng3 said:

    Why is that man exposing himself to the Buddha?

    • Richard Matey said:

      Haha good point, that guy is just a size reference for the level will have to remove him when I “flesh” it out some more

      • zheng3 said:

        You know what I think that scene needs? A Squirrel wielding nunchucks. model here: http://bit.ly/149skiD

        Nice work, looking forward to the final. I especially like the concept art.

      • Richard Matey said:

        Thanks! You have some really awesome 3D printing creations. Something I want to get more into after doing some work with HeroClix and using Shapeways. Want a MakerBot so bad. Do you work with a studio or are you independent?

      • zheng3 said:

        3D printing’s just a hobby for me, so I guess you could say I’m independent. Glad you like the models!

      • Richard Matey said:

        Yeah I really like the beast, great detail and print! What state are you based out of? Maybe you can help me make the plunge into being a maker bot owner.

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