Daily Doodle: TorchLight 2 Snake King

Still on my kick of repainting Torchlight 2 models. This guy was a genie type character before and decided to turn him into a snake…. man…… a snake man ….. possibly a king of snake people? Are they a republic… not sure. This snake hole might go deep.

Time Spent 1.5 Hours





  1. It certainly didn’t loose his genie look. But it can be interpreted as a Sand Siren, not beautiful like sea Sirens but ugly. But not going to far away, I would say that he is no King but a gang leader.

    • Richard Matey said:

      Good point, wasn’t feeling a king vibe either but wanted to throw a name on it last minute. Thanks for the suggestion! My mythical creature bestiary is pretty slim so will definitely look that up!

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