Daily Doodle: Haunted Mansion Sculpture

One of my favorite attractions at Disney Land or World is the Haunted Mansion. It is not a very scary ride or adrenaline pumping, but what it does have is my ideal combination of spooky with whimsical that is really fun to be in. Disney rides do a fantastical job of making you feel like you are in a different world, something that game designers/ level designers can really learn from. This is a sculpture outside of the ride in Disney,

Time Spent: 1 Hour


  1. Gardner's World said:

    The great attention to detail outside the Mansion as well as inside contributes to the overall spooky experience.

    • Richard Matey said:

      Yeah I was just thinking about that when I finished painting this, because this sculpture is unique by itself and how many other pieces and attention to detail is only created for each particular park. Something very special in the digital age when everything can be reproduced and spit out a million times, it is not as special or have that hand crafted love that these produce.

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