Daily Doodle: Silly Cat

I need to get to bed early for a 8:30 appointment. But enjoy this silly lookin multi colored cat

Time Spent  45 mins


  1. That is nice. How to you make those? Photoshop and Tablet?

    • Richard Matey said:

      Yep, I have been using PS CS 6 and loving the better response from this latest version. Then the Wacom I have is an older model I have had for years and still works great.

      • I always thought about getting a wacom but noticed they have no own screen.. i mean the cheaper ones. I always thought it must be strange to paint on the wacom and watch to the computer screen. Also I am not a painter and it would be anyway just trying out if this is a hobby for me. But I own photoshop and use it for other stuff like creating logos and so on. But looking on your image I must say that cool things can be done with an older wacom. I love your image. Keep up the great stuff.

      • Richard Matey said:

        I know what you mean, just looking at it there seems to be a big disconnect between what you are doing on screen and painting on a wacom. But really this soon goes away and your brain syncs the connection. Kind of like when you play great video game and the controls are second nature. If your already into PS and comfortable with it. Grab a cheap wacom for 60 of 80 USD, try it out for awhile. Even for photo touch ups it is very useful. Over time if this is something you like put down 200 of 300 usd on a good one and you are set for years. Then pass that cheap one to a friend and get them hooked 🙂

      • I understand what you mean. Since I play guitar, I do pretty much know that with the syncing and brain. When I begun I watched constantly to my fingers while playing.. now I dont do it anymore.

        Yea 60 to 80 USD is not to much. I think look for it someday in 2013. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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