Online Learning Part 2

Online learning has been a big kick for me in the last couple of months. From typical video tutorials and online reference, but what has motivated the most are dedicated sites with guided lessons plans. They are great to log in whenever you have free time, direct to what you are learning, and track your progress to give a sense of mastery.

The first site that I focused my time was I didn’t know touch typing before; only a weird a hand eye coordination routine that got me through most of my life. Knowing that I wanted to go on and learn more programming. Touch typing seemed like a necessary skill to develop. So a couple months later of doing a practice module now and then. I have learned to touch type and have an average word per minute to around 50. Over time I will look to develop these skills more and push into the 70 – 80 range. This will make life easier / faster, from emails, chatting, and programming. Stats here

The next site I focused on was; a site dedicated to teaching a tracking people learning various programming languages. The language I have been focused on is Javascript because of the use of it in the Unity Game Engine. The courses are great starting point and the Xbox live like achievement system is a great motivator to push through. After 4 months I have been able to go through 300 lessons and 64% through their Java course. This is a site I see using well into the future to keep my programming skills sharp and learning other languages.

I will keep up with both of these sites, advancing my skills. What I am eager to get into next is Ctrl+Paint, a site dedicated to teaching techniques and skills for digital painting. Digital painting is a great skill for expressing ideas or texturing painting. This can cover many things in game development, so I look forward to developing these skills as well, and I am glad to find an online tool that can help make it happen.


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