University of Philippines Y4IT : Speaking Engagement

This year I was invited by Paul Gadi to speak at this years Y4IT event here in the Philippines. When I initially volunteered I didn’t realize how big this event was and how many participants it brings in. After saying yes and doing a little internet research I found out I would be speaking in front of a couple hundred people to 1,000+ !  The Philippines Youth Congress in Information Technology puts this event on once a year, for a week long event including multiple talks on the different emerging digital fields. Held at the University of Philippines, the event buses in students from all different schools.According to the wiki last year brought in 25,000 participants! Crazy.

Luckily my monthly talks and presentations for the Student Game Developers’ Association while attending college, has helped me prepare for talks like this and not completely terrified for an event like this.

Saturday, the day of the talk, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend the event with the off and on flooding in the area. The flooding managed to subdue enough hours before I was scheduled to go on and I ended up just putting my presentation on a flash drive, put on some flip flops, roll up my pants up, and managed to catch a cab in time.

The event is a terrific production and all the coordinators where very helpful with  guiding me through the event and setting everything up for me. Getting there the auditorium was just gigantic and the size of 3 typical movie theaters put together. My talk was on Getting into Game Development: Paths for Artists and Designers. My main focus on the talk was to show how important tools are to getting an idea from your head to an actual game or piece of art. Something that I have been really studying and playing around with in the last 6 months. Hopefully I inspired some students that attended and can play one of their games down the line or work together  with.

University of Philippines Auditorium

Yours Truly

So after accomplishing speaking in front of more people than I could imagine, whats next? One of my goals is to have a talk at the main Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Seeing so many inspiring developers talk here from Jonathan Mak, Hideo Kojima, Jonathan Blow, David Jaffe, Alexey Pazhitnov, Kellee Santiagoand, so many others; I hope I can contribute and bring something new to the overall game development community.

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