Ludum Dare 24 – Existence – Game Jam

2 Weeks ago, I saw a post on Gamasutra for a world wide game jam that would start in the early morning. So recklessly with no prep and not really know what I was getting into, I tried out my first Ludum Dare. LD is a game jam that is unique because it is centered around 1 Developer making a game in 48 hours, no teams, no outside help, and all original content for this game.

The theme for LD 24 was evolution. My idea was to create a game that would evolve from each major console generation, from Atari – to Nes – to Playstation 1. The big idea was to also represent a part of some one’s life as they grow up with each of these generations. It was a great experience, and I love the community around this game jam. The best part is the weeks after the end of the game jam, every one plays and rates each others game. A great way to make a small game and have a great feedback system to play test everyone’s game.

You can play the game here.

Youtube of the whole process.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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