New Ways to Learn

Recently I have been on a learning binge with so many things I want to try and dive into. Might be all the neat tools and help I have been finding revolving around Unity 3D . But I would like to highlight two sites that make learning fun, responsive, and quick hit of  a tab to access. Hey its nerdy, but you just have to embrace it, shove those empty bottles of Mountain Dew of your desk and push those glasses back up your nose.

Code Academy – is an awesome website created for people to learn and practice different program languages. They have a great save system to keep track of your progress second to second give little badges for lesssons you have passed.

TypingClub – If your like me, over time you have managed to get away with a bastardized typing method that has worked for you up until this time. But what if you want to learn tried and true methods for the most adequate ways to type. Then is your  friend, walking you through the baby steps of finger placement to faster words per minute. Think about how much time you will dedicate to typing in your life, this is a skill you will be using a whole lot. So why not learn it right now?

So that is just some things I have found that makes learning fun and skill building. Hopefully I will find more and share 😉


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