Kyle Gabler’s Attack of the Swarm

Kyle Gabler one half of 2D boy, makers of World of Goo; has been pioneering Indie games way before becoming a Millionaire Indie developer was a possible goal. World of Goo has been a tremendous success with all the platforms it has been released for and one of the best touch games so far. Heck it was designed even before touch games were invented (Originally designed for Wiiware).

Can’t wait to hear what 2D Boy will do next now, so why not look back on their previous projects. Kyle Gabler was big on prototyping and rapidly developing game ideas to see if they could stick or better left in the recycle bin. Attack of the Swarm is one of these prototypes. Introduced to me by Steve Swink, I still remember this games years later because of its unique mechanic. Simply control the swarm and launch the people in the air; try to throw them in the air as high as possible. Simple, fun, and memorable.

 This game is no longer hosted at Kyle’s site but you can download here. Yes it looks like a shaddy website but it works, I swear.

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