The Interview

Recently I have had the opportunity to build a team and help hiring new spots in our studio. Usually involving going over portfolios and interviewing new candidates . Its been an interesting experience being on the opposite side of the table. This has been my first experience, so here are a couple of things I have noticed in my short time.

Best Foot Forward and Focused – If your an artist or a person with a lot of experience. Just show me the best most relevant stuff to the position. I don’t care about your photography class in high school or your pizza delivering position you had.  The Philippines is a big offender because of the mentality of throwing everything into your portfolio even your kitchen sink.

Short and Sweet- Don’t judge how an interview goes depending on the length of time it took up. My best hire came in and I knew in 10 minutes he was perfect for the spot. Best experience so far.

Don’t Expect Them to Read Your Resume – When I am interviewing, I just like to skim through the resume. I try to see if there is anything outstanding, besides that I like to ask questions and get their best experiences out of them through their own words.

That’s it for now, I am sure I will learn more over time .

Sometimes I get tattoos for the small talk conversation.


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