Making a Habit that will not Stick.

Trying to make a habit of writing a blog and keeping track of ideas, projects, and etc. There are so many ideas and things I want to do right now,  just making a half ass blog on some of them might do them justice and contribute more than just junk rolling around my head. It should be a good practice of looking back and going, “What was I thinking!”, “Hey I forgot about that.” or the classic “Did I really do that to my hair and listen to Limp Bizcuit?”  But really, I am looking forward to this exercise of a little internet self indulgence.

Just some quick notes of what I have been up to me in life. Didn’t land that big solid 3D artist position at a AAA game studio I was seeking after college. Instead doing some graphic design and 3D modeling for toys, finally came back around to doing game design for a smaller studio called Funguys Studio. It is something I was always interested in but out of reach for my lack of patience or familiarity with programming. Lucky enough, new tools have bridged the gap of this challenge and I can do something  I really love. Currently living in Manila, Philippines I can work with a young and passionate group of people as we find ourselves in this adolescent medium called Video Games.

Thats all for now


Sculpture made of gum that isn’t entirely disgusting.

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